Immuno-diagnostic Sandwich ELISA Testing Kit design & development, used for the qualitative and quantitative analysis of a protein from a plant source

Product Scope : An ELISA-based kit for screening genetically modified seeds against two plant proteins IP15 and IP88.

Product Development Life-cycle

Details of the target proteins

Sl.NO Protein Code Size Sample source Level of expression in target sample
1 IP53 1178 aa (~ 133 kDa) Crude Leaf/seed sample extract 1-2 ug/g tissue fresh weight
2 IP15 633 aa (~ 70 kDa) Crude Leaf/seed sample extract 8-43 ug/g tissue fresh weight
3 IP88 455 aa (~47 kDa) Crude Leaf/seed sample extract 100-300 ug/gr tissue fresh weight
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